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“I am so very happy to have found such a brilliant and kind dentist. The staff is always welcoming, pleasant and helpful. Thank you Dr. Salyani for making me smile again!!”
C. L.

“The people who know me well, know that I have a serious “ANYTHING dental” phobia. Even just talking about the dentist sets me off, and I’ll leave a message room if it comes up in conversation.
In previous years, I would pay upwards of $500 JUST to be put to sleep for something as minor as a cleaning or a filling. During the cleaning, they used Nu-Calm technology to ease my anxiety, and it was AMAZING! I sat through the whole procedure without a tear or hyperventilating. Today, I went in for some fillings, and Because of the fact that Dr. Salyani uses a laser instead of a drill, coupled with the Nu-Calm, I nearly fell asleep. It hurts more to get your nails done! The atmosphere is clean and elegant, and the staff are extremely welcoming. The equipment is state of the art!
I am forever grateful, and will never go anywhere else. I could go on and on.”

H. S.

“After having a laser cleaning on my teeth a couple of weeks ago I decided to have an old filling removed and replaced along with a small cavity filled – I have always had a very strong gag reflex which has made getting any work done stressful and uncomfortable but with the method used by Dr. Salyani and Brenda I was able to get through the procedure with almost no gagging or discomfort. I will be recommending Collingwood Laser Dentistry to others. Thank you for your excellent care.”
L. M.

“I came to meet with Dr. Salyani about dental concerns for myself, and was so grateful for his expert notice of a lip tie in my 6 month son. We promptly scheduled an appointment to have this removed with the laser technology! We have since noticed changes in his feeding – more open mouth latch and less gas, burping and spitting up! We are so thankful for this! He has elicited so many more sounds since as well. Thank you Dr. Salyani and your caring team for your expertise. I will be recommending you to others.”
R. P.

“Today I visited Collingwood Laser Dentistry and I feel very happy I did. I never had any pain and my old teeth were fixed! I wish I visited them sooner. “
I. B.

“We love the way this dental office is set up! Does not feel like a dental office at all! Very warm and welcoming, they make you feel like royalty! Love it!”
M. Y.

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