Invisalign vs Braces: Which Orthodontic Treatment is best for me?

Jul 26, 2022 | Blog

Which Orthodontic Treatment is best for me?

You’ve reached that time in your life where you’re ready to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Now that you’re prepared to invest in orthodontic treatment, which options should you consider and why? Firstly, you should always do your own research, consult with your orthodontist and ask their opinion on treatment options. They will know your smile more than anyone and be able to provide a customized approach to straightening your teeth. The type of treatment that is suitable for you will also depend on the type of orthodontic problem you need to have corrected; everyone is different. In this blog, I will go over the comparisons between Invisalign vs Braces.

Advantages of braces

The most traditional orthodontic treatment plan for straightening teeth is braces. This type of treatment has been around since the 17th century but became much more popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. The main advantage of braces is that they are suitable for any type of orthodontic issue. It doesn’t matter how severe your case is, braces are a tried and true method. Using anchors and wires to straighten crooked teeth into the desired setting, they are a guaranteed method to get you the smile you want.

Generally, braces are also a faster solution to getting the results you want. Because it is a more aggressive treatment plan, compared to Invisalign, you will get to your desired goal at a faster rate. This of course depends on the severity of your situation. There are many different options now for patients who choose to get braces. The traditional “heavy wire and metal look” is a thing of the past. You will have a choice of lingual and ceramic braces which can make them look much less noticeable. This allows for a faster treatment time, without the undesirable aesthetic look.

Advantages of Invisalign

The most modern orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth was approved by the FDA in 1998. It is called Invisalign. Created for the purpose of being able to discreetly and conveniently straighten your teeth while wearing a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign rose into popularity quickly. Plain and simple, the biggest advantage to using Invisalign is that the retainer is virtually unidentifiable. Patients can get their desired smile without the appearance of having metal and wires in their mouth. This is particularly important for adult patients who may not want their colleagues knowing they are going through an orthodontic treatment.

Another major advantage to using the Invisalign treatment is the fact that patients can remove their aligners when they eat. Commonly, braces get food stuck in them, can be hard to clean or difficult to eat certain foods with. Invisalign wearers do not have these issues. This isn’t to say you are allowed to take them out whenever you want. For best results Invisalign needs to be worn for 20 – 22 hours every day. This allows for plenty of time to remove them during meals. As previously stated in this blog, cleaning your teeth can be very difficult while wearing braces. This is not the case for Invisalign patients. Just like during meal times, aligners can be removed while you clean your teeth, making brushing and flossing extremely easy.

Disadvantages of braces

It can be very exciting when you have finally chosen the right orthodontic treatment plan for your teeth. Whether you have chosen Invisalign or braces, there are some disadvantages you should know about.

Braces have pretty clear disadvantages when it comes to appearance, cleanliness, and the overall annoyance of having wires attached to your mouth. Patients often feel very self-conscious while wearing them which can have a negative impact on mental health. Food choices also have to be taken into consideration as harder, sticky foods can potentially cause damage and require repairs to the braces. Some foods may also leave residue and plaque on your teeth causing issues down the road.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

The main disadvantage of using Invisalign is the fact that it isn’t suitable for all types of patients. Although you may love the attractiveness of this type of treatment, Invisalign simply cannot fix the more extreme orthodontic cases. Additionally, patients treated with Invisalign must have a strong sense of discipline as the aligners must be removed while eating or drinking. Constant removal of your aligners can be annoying for some and if you aren’t prepared to do this every day, this type of treatment will not work for you. It is typically more costly to use Invisalign. Because this treatment involves using more advanced 3D technology, it can become more costly in comparison to braces. This of course depends from case to case.

Consult with your Orthodontist

Overall, if you are unhappy with your smile, consult with a certified Orthodontist. Experts such as Dr. Salyani at Collingwood Dentistry can walk you through a smile assessment and evaluate the best, customized plan for you. If you are curious and want to learn more about Invisalign treatment, visit our website where we offer lots of additional information.