Trigger Point Therapy

What is trigger point therapy?

A lot of people suffer from pain. Sometimes the pain may come from your teeth, in which case you may either require a filling, or a root canal, and in the worst-case scenario, maybe your tooth may need to be pulled.

There are instances however, when you may feel that you have pain coming from your teeth or jaw, however, when the dentist examines your teeth and x rays, there is no evidence of decay or pathology. In these situations, we need to look further than the teeth and joints, and instead look at the muscles that support your head and neck. When muscles become sore or fatigued, they can cramp up, just like they do in marathon runners. This can lead to severe pain. In the case of the muscles surrounding your head and neck, it can lead to referred pain, or atypical facial pain, sometimes mimicking a toothache. It can also manifest itself as migraines or headaches. Trigger point injections can be used as a diagnostic aid to rule out certain types of dental pain, while at the same time, it can be an effective method to alleviate these types of symptoms and over time also possibly eliminate the pain altogether.

Trigger point injections are also a very effective co-therapy in the treatment of TMD and several musculoskeletal disorders. Treating these trigger points can help restore balance to the body, and help to maintain good posture, which is essential to having a good bite. Trigger point injections are an excellent form of treatment to eliminate pain virtually instantaneously. Trigger point injections are useful in treating patients with TMD disorders, chronic facial pain, migraine sufferers, and people with muscle spasms.

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