Smoothlase, Liplase, Nightlase



Smoothlase, Liplase, Nightlase

Do you have facial lines/wrinkles around your mouth? Wishing that you could smooth them out? Smoothlase™ is the answer. It is all done by laser, in the mouth, with no shots or pain.

Smoothlase™ is a non surgical, non-invasive, no down-time treatment option. Smooth out the wrinkles and help keep your skin rejuvenated to optimize its youthful appearance.

Not only is Smoothlase™ good for rejuvenating your skin and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, but also to help prevent wrinkles from forming! No shots, pain, burning, redness or peeling, all done from inside the mouth. Smoothlase™ is a non-invasive, non surgical way to restore your skin back to a more youthful appearance. Smoothlase™ uses gentle laser energy to tighten the collagen in your skin and it is all done inside the mouth. Smoothlase™ is a similar treatment for the cheek tissues which can tighten the tissues and reduce the depth of wrinkling beside the nose and also beside the mouth. It is done from inside the mouth, so there is no redness on the skin after treatment.


Advantages over fillers

  • More subtle results without potential for overfill, under-fill or uneven fill.
  • No injection of foreign material
  • Can be used preventively on young adults.
  • No redness after treatment. When compared to surgical options,
    laser skin tightening provides incisionless results
    with less downtime at a fraction of the price.

After a series of sessions, you will notice effects of treatments:

  • Smooth out wrinkles
  • Skin elasticity is improved
  • Skin suppleness is improved
  • Jowls are diminished in size
  • Rejuvenation of the complexion
  • Takes years off of your appearance-Anti-Aging effect.




What’s more attractive than full, luscious and kissable lips? Stop using that lipstick to enhance your lips, when you can have it naturally done using the Liplase™ technique. Soft, supple lips are a want for most women, and men.
Enhancing the shape can make the lips appear more desirable, kissable and proportioned to the rest of your face. Whether you are born with thin, uneven lips, or have noticed that the fullness in them has diminished over the years, your lips can be enhanced and rejuvenated to look more Liplaseyoung and luscious. We offer Liplase™, an offshoot of our Smoothlase™ facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reducer and prevention treatment. Liplase™, like Smoothlase™ is a nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment that is all done from inside the mouth. There are no injections or anaesthetics used. No foreign harmful or potentially lethal materials are used. Patients can return to work immediately with little or no side effects. Liplase™ can rejuvenate, fill and plump lips along with developing enhanced shape and form.





Anyone who has been sleeping next to someone who snores understands the problem of snoring. Snoring affects not only the person who snores, but also affects their partner and family members. Many relationships are destroyed or stressed due to snoring. Some spouses even have to sleep in different rooms to avoid the noise from snoring.
Laser treatment for snoring utilizes the Lightwalker Er:Yag Laser Nightlase™ system to reduce snoring. Snoring is the audible vibration of respiratory structures (inside the oral cavity – soft palate and uvula) due to obstructed air during breathing while sleeping.
Nightlase™ uses the Er:Yag laser to stiffen the tissues of the oropharynx to help reduce the vibrational effect that leads to snoring. Nightlase™ is a relatively safe and effective method for significant snoring reduction. It is minimally invasive, does not require anesthesia and is relatively quick. The procedure involves three appointments over a two-month period.

The benefits of having this treatment done may include:Nightlase

1. A more restful sleep.
2. Peaceful sleep and better rest for your partner.
3. Increased mental alertness.
4. Waking up refreshed and no longer tired.
5. Increased libido
6. May help lower blood pressure
7. Improves memory.

Nightlase™ Treatment is a patent-pending, fast, non-invasive and friendly way of increasing the quality of a patients sleep. Research has shown that Nightlase™ reduces and attenuates snoring and provides an effective, non-invasive way to lessen the affects of sleep apnea. Nightlase™ requires no device to be worn during sleep, involves no chemical treatment, and no anesthesia. It is gentle and easy for the patient and their loved ones to regain a good nights sleep.

The effects typically last between 12-18months. When the patients or their loved ones notice the effects eroding, another session of treatment can be performed. Nightlase™ can also be used in conjunction with CPAP or Mandibular Advancement Devices to help individuals and their spouses get better restful sleep. Bring back the romance into your life. Call us with any questions that you may have.

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