As many patients suffer from dental anxiety we want to make it easy for our patients to visit the dentist. NuCalm is less risky than sedation techniques and allows you to leave our office with no side effects. You can now meet the demands of your day feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What is NuCalm?

By mimicking the natural pathways the body uses to prepare itself for sleep, NuCalm creates the same deep relaxation you feel minutes before you fall asleep – for the duration of your dental treatment. NuCalm is safe and you will experience no side effects, no recuperative time and no impairment. Deep relaxation is achieved through four simple steps. NuCalm is administered by your dental team at the beginning of your appointment and takes approximately three minutes to apply. You will enjoy relaxation for your entire appointment.

Step 1: A fragrant cream containing a proprietary formulation of neutraceuticals responsible for rapidly creating a natural relaxation response.

Step 2: FDA-cleared microcurrent stimulation. Research shows this helps to rapidly facilitate the relaxation response.

Step 3: Soothing music administered with noise-dampening headphones. Layered in the soothing music is proprietary neuroacoustic software designed to facilitate deep relaxation.

Step 4: Black-out mask or glasses to remove visual stimuli and help maintain relaxation.

The NuCalm system calms the brain into the first stage of sleep so that patients experience a state of deep relaxation without the use of narcotics or controlled substances. After the treatment many patients report that they feel less stressed and often sleep better for several days after the treatment. The treatment is completely safe and has been FDA approved and used by nearly 40,000 patients throughout the US with no reported adverse experiences. The NuCalm system simply mimics the natural pathways the body uses to prepare itself for sleep.

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NuCalm Sedation

NuCalm is a revolutionary, safe and proven system that quickly relaxes you into the beginning stages of sleep without using narcotics or controlled substances. With NuCalm, you will feel the same way you feel when you are about to fall asleep. And the NuCalm system ensures that you feel this way throughout the procedure!


The NuCalm Benefits

NuCalm has many benefits to our patients, including:

  • Sedation without narcotics or controlled substances
  • No downtime after the procedure while sedation wears off
  • Patients report a sense of balance and wellness for hours or days after their appointment
  • No fear during the procedure
  • No need for someone to take you to and from your appointment
  • Better dental results because you are completely relaxed and calm during the appointment
  • Can be used in Autistic individuals to help calm them down and give them a better quality of life.
  • Can be used in patients undergoing chemotherapy to help reduce the nausea and vomiting, while at the same time also helping their body heal faster after the damaging effects of cancer treatments.
  • Can be used by high performance athletes as well individuals in high -pressure situations to help calm them and help them achieve optimum level.
  • Can be used to help reduce the daily damage of oxidative stress on the body, which makes us age faster, and causes deterioration of our bodies.

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