Hains Diagnostic Periodontal Testing

HAINS diagnostic test. How can it help me?

We are proud to be the first dental office in Ontario to be using the HAINS diagnostic test to diagnose and treat periodontal disease. The HAINS diagnostic test is a simple yet very powerful tool in the battle against periodontal disease and bad breath. This test allows us to sample the bacteria in your mouth, and then discover which bacteria may be the cause of your problems. The test evaluates for 11 different bacterial species that are commonly linked with periodontal disease. Our office can then customize your periodontal therapy to target the specific pathogens that are causing the disease process in away that no other office in Ontario can. We can not only improve your oral health, but your overall general health. Call our office if you would like to have this test performed for you, and see how much more we can do to help you in your fight against periodontal disease. 80% of the North American population suffers from periodontal disease.

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